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How to make Your Samsung phone Dual SIM

How to make Your Samsung phone Dual SIMAny mobile phone or smartphone requires a SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card to connect to the mobile network. A smartphone or phone that can hold two different SIM cards at the same time is called a Dual SIM device. Having two SIM cards means that a Dual SIM smartphone can use either of the two SIMS to initiate or to receive phone calls.

Why are Dual SIM smartphones useful? The advantages of Dual SIM!
For some people, having a Dual SIM smartphone can be very useful. Take, for instance, businessmen and women who tend to have one phone number for their work and another number for their personal contacts. A business person can either use two different smartphones, one for work and one for personal use, or use a Dual SIM smartphone, with both phone numbers active on it. Having one smartphone to carry around is more comfortable than carrying two smartphones.

Another situation in which you might be interested in a Dual SIM smartphone, especially if you live in an emergent market, is when you want to use one phone number for phone calls, and the other for connecting to the internet. There are mobile operators that have good voice plans, but pricey data plans, or the other way around. On a Dual SIM smartphone, you can combine two different plans from two different operators and get a cheaper bill at the end of the month.

Another benefit is that you can use two mobile providers simultaneously if your phone is not locked into a specific network (If your phone is locked, we can unlock it for you). This means that you can get more mobile coverage. If you travel a lot abroad, you can use one SIM card in your home country and the other SIM slot for cards you purchase in the countries you travel to, for better or cheaper coverage.

Now that you understand what a Dual SIM is and the benefits, let's get to "why you are here".

We know how difficult it is to find dual-SIM phones with decent specifications so we've decided to come up with a very good hack to make a single SIM Samsung Exynos smartphone to support dual SIM which works very well without any problem.

Supported model list

How to make Your Samsung phone Dual SIM

To make your Samsung Exynos phone to support Dual SIM in any country (remotely), you need the following:
1. A good internet connection on windows PC.
2. Download files to make your Samsung Exynos phone to support Dual SIM.
3. Teamviewer ( Download and open it on your PC, it will show id and password, send to us )
4. Your Samsung Exynos phone

Note: To make your Samsung Exynos phone to support Dual SIM is $10 ( GH₵35 ), you can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, perfectmoney or MTN mobile money.

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