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Free Unlock Airtel Huawei E3372H-607 Modem

Download the unlocking software for Airtel E3372H-607 and Huawei modem drivers here and install the drivers if needed.

Extract in Windows PC using WinRAR software, password is

Run the EGGBONE unlocking file for Airtel E3372H-607.

It will generate hardware id as highlighted in the screenshot.

Copy and send to us.

After receiving the hardware ID, we will send the registration name and key.

Insert another sim card and connect the device to Windows PC.

Run DC unlocker and detect the device.

At end of the result, copy and paste the following: at^godload , press enter and device will restarts

Run the unlocking software again.

Fill the registration name and key. This is completely FREE!

Click on Register.

Now it will start flashing the Airtel E3372H modem.

After the device is flashed, again detect the device in DC unlocker.

At the end of the result, copy and paste the following: AT^NVWREX=8268,0,12,1,0,0,0,2,0,0,0,A,0,0,0

Press Enter from the keyboard and reconnect the modem to pc.

Now your Airtel India locked Huawei E3372H-607 dongle is successfully unlocked to use with all network provider simcard.

Note: If  your Airtel Huawei  E3372H-607 firmware version is higher than the above-mentioned, then you can contact us for help.