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Unlock Huawei P20 4G Smartphone

First note down the correct IMEI of the Huawei Smartphone, you will need it to buy the unlock code. Usually, we provide the following codes:
Unlock Code
Service Provider Code
Subset Unlock Pin
Unfreeze Code

1. Insert an unaccepted sim-card in your Huawei P20 4G Smartphone.  (unaccepted means from a different network than the original one)

2. Switch on the Huawei P20 4G Lite Smartphone

3. Wait for the Huawei P20 4G Smartphone to boot to the home screen

4. Message to enter a network unlock code should appear

5. Enter the network unlock code provided by "EGGBONE UNLOCKING GROUP"

Now your Huawei P20 4G Smartphone should be unlocked and works with all the supported sim-card

  For internet access, you may need to create APN for the inserted sim-card.

If the above-mentioned procedure does not work then enter the last code (Unfreeze Code), and then enter the previous codes again. Your Smartphone should be unlocked!