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Unlocking Huawei Soyealink Routers: Universal Instructions for All Models

The process to unlock Huawei Soyealink routers is consistent across all models such as: B628-350, B628-265, B622-535, B622-335, B535-333, B535-232a, E5783-330, E5783-230a, E5783-836, E5785-330, E5785-320, E5785-320A, SLT869-A5X, SNT151-V, SLT867-A31, SNT151, SLT869-A51, etc.

Follow these steps:

1. Insert a sim-card from a different network into the Huawei Soyealink Router (unaccepted sim-card).

2. Connect the Huawei Soyealink router to your PC using a cable or WiFi.

3. Open any web browser on your PC and enter either or  or 

   - Use the login password found on the sticker attached to the router.

4. A message prompting you to enter a network unlock code will appear.

5. Enter the 16-digit/alphanumeric network unlock code provided by "EGGBONE TECH."

6. Create a new profile to match the settings of the new SIM card and establish an internet connection.