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Unlocked Busy MiFi M028T (Shanghai Boost Even M028T)

M028T is a 4G LTE mobile Wifi from Shanghai Boost Even Technology Limited.
Shanghai Boost Even Technology Limited has launched M028T in Ghana with Busy Ghana carrier. You may find this 4G device in other countries too.


1. Plug and play – no installation required
2. 4G LTE multi-mode high speed
3. 1.44 inch LCD display
4. Supports Android, Windows & MAC and other WiFi supported devices.

Unlocked Busy MiFi M028T BENEFITS:

1. Connects up to 14 Wi-Fi enabled devices including Smartphones,     Tablets, Laptops and Game Consoles (e.g. PlayStation 4 or Xbox, etc.)
2. Connects 1 USB tethering device
3. Strong battery life (8 hours)
4. M028T Can also be used at home or in a small business.

Price:  Ghs120

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