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Unlocked / Universal MTN HUAWEI E5577s-321 4G LTE MiFi Router

Following the Huawei E5 classic design, Huawei E5577 looks like the predecessor models such as E5776, E5372, E5377. The E5577 LTE MiFi is in white or black color. It’s now already available for many network providers in Asia, Europe and Africa. As the second generation of LTE category 4 mobile hotspot, we will have a look at what’s improved in the new pocket router.

The Huawei E5577 looks smarter than its predecessors, perhaps because it becomes thinner. The body material is made of plastic but touch feel good. On the front, there is Huawei / network provider logo and power button which are located at the two sides of the 1.45 TFT LCD screen. On the top side, there is “Menu” button while the USB port and connectors for external antenna are on the bottom side.

The back cover could be removed for battery change. When open the back cover, we can see there are two slots for SIM card and MicroSD storage card. At the left side of the slot, there is a label where the model number, SSID, WiFi key (password), IMEI & S/N number are printed.

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After the SIM card and battery is inserted in the E5577 LTE MiFi, you can press the power button on the front and the E5577 will fast boot in seconds. Huawei E5577 is still using standard 6-pin SIM card. Usually, the device will automatically configure and connect to network in a couple of minutes. But the E5577 will not do that, user need to setup the router manually. You can log in the Huawei Mobile WiFI APP through smartphone or via web browser in PC to do that.

When the Huawei Mobile WiFi E5577 is working, user can see many information from the screen such as the network provider, SSID, WiFi key, signal strength, SMS unread, battery status and WiFi connected users. Like other Huawei E5 pocket WiFi, Huawei E5577 can support up to 10 wireless users to access internet simultaneously. And extra one can be connected with USB.

With LTE Category 4 technology, Huawei E5577 can achieve downlink speed to 150mbps and uplink speed to 50Mbps. When LTE network is not available, it can switch to 3G UMTS or 2G GSM networks. On 3G network, the peak download speed can reach 43.2Mbps. The E5577 can support WLAN 802.11b/g/n with dual-band. If you are located at areas with weak signal, it would be necessary to use the external antenna to improve the signal to get better surfing experience.

The Huawei E5577 is also named E5577C. Here in Ghana, we have Huawei E5577s-321, which supports different LTE network frequency bands. They are for different markets. If you need this mobile hotspot, please check your local network frequency bands and then choose the right one. You can also contact us (EUG) for help. The Huawei E5577s-321 in Ghana from MTN provider supports the following networks:
1. MTN
2. Surfline
3. Blu
4. Vodafone
5. Glo
6. Airtel
7. Tigo
8. Many more!

NOTE: We do not dismantle / unscrew the device which causes damage to the device!
                   Our unlocking / decoding method is totally safe, simple and fast.

It includes:
1 x Huawei E5577s-321
1 x Removable battery
1 x User Guide
1 x USB cable

Price:     Ghc180.00